Eigenmacht Crackower is a firm of trained professionals in a multi-disciplinary accounting, taxation and consulting practice. We have been serving individuals and businesses for over 20 years in the GTA, York Region and surrounding areas. We have grown by providing practical, professional and hands-on business advice to many satisfied individuals and businesses. They in turn, have referred new and ongoing business to us.


Our goal is to become familiar with your financial objectives, cognizant of your business goals and knowledgeable of your affairs. We want to make your life less stressful from a tax and financial point of view.

Our “Down-to-Earth” approach has been applied in many diverse areas. We listen to our clients and gain insight into their industry issues.


A corporation is separate legal entity. There are both advantages and disadvantages to incorporate a business. The principal advantages to incorporating are for potential tax deferral purposes and limited liability protection.

In order to successfully claim a deduction of salaries to family members, such remuneration should be reasonable, be commensurate with the type of work or duties done by the family member, and be actually paid out. You should also remit deductions at source on such salaries where applicable.

Businesses that engage in a commercial activity in Canada, with a few exceptions, must register for HST unless annual taxable revenues do not exceed $30,000. A business can, however, voluntarily register if their annual revenues are below $30,000.

You are able to deduct home office expenses if your home represents your principal place of business or you are using a designated room/area in your home for your business and you meet clients on a regular and ongoing basis.

We are on the mission and your success plays a major role in this.

To make a difference in our society by spreading knowledge and understanding of information. To deliver high standards of excellence in accounting services and tax advice with the local touch that brings familiarity and assurance to our clients.

To be recognized as the accounting firm of choice for providing comprehensive financial and professional services.

Our core values:
  • Community; we work for and work with our community to support local businesses.
  • Confidentiality; we believe in storing sensitive information securely and privately by using technology and enforcing confidentiality policies.
  • Continuous Learning; we keep up to date with the CPA standards and other accounting and tax related information to ensure we are providing the best advice and guidance.
  • Integrity; we work with clients in a fair and ethical manner in order to build a trusting relationship with out clients.


We simplify accounting so that you can spend more time running your business. We are more than just accountants. We are your trusted business advisers.

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Jack Eigenmacht
B.Comm, CPA, CA, CFP

Ellen Crackower

Paula Adler

Mary Grace Sese



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