Do you have a HST number? That means this is for you! Electronic filing is now mandatory for GST/HST registrants!

Canadian businesses which have registered for goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) purposes must file returns with the federal government on a prescribed schedule, which can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Effective for GST/HST reporting periods that began after 2023, all GST/HST registrants (excepting charities and some financial institutions) are required to file those returns by electronic means. Prior to 2024, businesses having sales under a prescribed threshold were allowed to paper-file such returns.

The mandatory electronic filing threshold that was in place for GST/HST returns has been removed for reporting periods that begin on or after January 1, 2024, which means that electronic filing is now required for most businesses.

Electronic filing has many benefits over paper processing. It saves businesses time and money because recipients can confirm their tax information earlier and receive refunds and credits much faster. It’s also safer and more reliable because data flows seamlessly over secure networks. Paper processing, on the other hand, is vulnerable to more errors and disruptions.

For both business and individual accounts, electronic filing offers:

  • convenience and ease
  • faster processing times
  • quicker communication for errors and discrepancies
  • earlier confirmations for tax information
  • faster refunds and credits

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